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CareFirst BCBS is an accepted in network insurance by Haymarket Physical Therapy.  CareFirst Insurance plans do not require a physician referral, meaning you can begin Physical Therapy within 24 hours after injury. CareFirst is one of the leading insurance providers of Northern Virginia. Our wonderful Front Office Staff will be able to get you scheduled and perform a complimentary Benefits Check to verify your CareFirst insurance coverage. Benefits Checks are not 100% Guaranteed and it is your responsibility to verify CareFirst insurance coverage as well.

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CareFirst Physical Therapy

See what these individuals had to say about our clinic!

The team has helped me recover from an Achilles injury through patience and caring. You’ve taught me stretches and given me tools to carry me through recovery and beyond. When I started I had trouble walking- following six weeks in a cast. I’m now back to normal activities.

Mirsade N 

I am incredibly grateful for the care I received from the entire staff here at Haymarket Physical Therapy. As a yoga instructor and bare instructor, I began to experience severe back pain. Through my strength training here combined with dry needling therapy, I have not only increased my mobility but also found relief. I truly appreciate the individualized treatment and attention

Jennifer P

I always had a dull pain in my mid back and it stopped me from being able to sit down for a long times. But now I dont have that problem anymore. The staff here is so amazing and kind and they take the time you need to get better

Jacob P

I came here for PT for a broken wrist and Ms. Catalina and Ms.Theresa helped me get back my range of motion. I am right handed and broke my right wrist. It was challenging to drive, to do my daily chores, even to open up a can. They helped me get my hand moving to do all my daily chores pain free. I even came back for my knee and they helped me. I love the atmosphere here and friendly staff and caring therapists [that] help you recover. I am grateful!”

Loretta P

I started at Haymarket Physical therapy late February of 2016. I have been dealing with a chronic patellar tendon injury since my junior year of highschool. Originally it was diagnosed as a patellar tendinitis then this past year diagnosed as a patellar thickness tear that slowly started to get larger. I had a patellar tendon repair and debridement surgery on May 4th and started again at Haymarket PT mid June. My experiences here have been great to say the least. The therapists really took the time to evaluate and find the most beneficial workouts for me as I progressed. At a follow up appointment with my surgeon he was shocked with my improvement and how quickly I was recovering I love the therapists and staff here at Haymarket Pt. After dealing with this knee injury for almost three years they definitely got me back on the right track and helped me make a speedy recovery

Courtney K

“When I first got here at PT, I didn’t know what to expect. My little sister came here and said that she had a blast here. It has been a good time here even though it is difficult to get here sometimes. All the people here are really nice and fun to talk to. So all in all I had a good time here”

Zachary D

When I arrived at Haymarket PT, full range of motion in my shoulder was out of the question. Pain, Pinching and pulling had become common symptoms not only at the gym, but also during everyday activities. The staff here were very professional and genuinely cared about my recovery every step of the way. I’m happy to say that I am pain free and back to my normal exercise routine. Thank you to the entire Haymarket PT staff

Ryan M

I’ve been dealing with Chronic Back Pain for years and have done physical therapy in the past. This experience at Haymarket Physical Therapy has been nothing but positive. When I began, I was having leg numbness and pain that woke me up at night. After working with the staff at Haymarket Physical Therapy, I’m happy to say that the problem no longer exist. Not only was the treatment successful, but it was done in a caring way. At one point or another, I worked with each of the therapist, and everyone of them was warm and attentive. From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere was welcoming and friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend Haymarket Physical Therapy to anyone or, if the need arises in the future, to return.”

Beth G

For the past several years, I had been suffering from sharp shoulder pain whenever I picked up something too heavy or even when I tried to push myself up from laying down. When I was recommended to get physical therapy, was hopeful that any pain and difficulty would end. Dr. Robby said he would get me back in shape within four weeks, and he was right. I have been able to pick up my three month old daughter without any pain, and I am back to chopping firewood to enjoy a relaxing evening with my wife. Thank you Dr. Robby and everyone else at Haymarket PT

Christopher B

I had a great experience at Haymarket Physical Therapy. Cat and Teresa worked on my shoulder most of the time. They both are very friendly and professional. Their recommendations for exercises help me greatly

Victoria C

I came to Haymarket Physical Therapy after a car accident. For the past three months I have suffered a lot of pain on my left shoulder. The therapists worked hard to reduce my pain and make sure I returned to my normal activities ASAP. They not only worked with me during therapy but they gave me a home routine that I can follow at home, saying these guys are awesome is not enough. They are always friendly, and get to know you by your name. Definitely will recommend them to all my friends, as my family already come here

Gisela D

My experience with Haymarket Physical Therapy was excellent. They helped me overcome lower back pain that I’ve been experiencing over the past year. I would highly recommend HPT to friends and family.” Thank you!

Robert B

My experience at Haymarket Physical Therapy has been wonderful. Before, I did not have feeling in my first three fingers on my left hand. After 12 weeks, I now have feeling in those fingers. The exercises included neck massages and the neck traction machine. I am very thankful for their help. The staff was so helpful. They all did a great job, thank you.

Maysoon S

Physical Therapy helped me out a lot and even though it’s a great place I hope that I don’t have to get injured and come back because I hate when I can’t play football’’

Dylan M

I came here with pain in my ankle and I could barely walk. In one month I felt practically perfect. Caitlyn was so nice and helpful. Thank you so much! I am glad to be back at gymnastics

Sol B

I had been in PT for a couple of months at another practice without much success towards my goal of getting back to my normal activates. After I switched practices and starting coming to see Dr. Robbie at Haymarket Physical Therapy, I immediately started seeing results. Every therapist here is amazing and you can really tell they care about getting you hack to your normal pain-free lifestyle. Before starting here I was unable to do lunges without feeling sharp pain in my knee with every movement. Other workout moves were still causing my knee to feel sore. After starting here, I no longer started feeling that soreness and I am happy to say that I am back to my normal workout level. Lunges are completely pain free! Thank you for everyone that has helped me reach my goal

Maria S

I sprained my left ankle on 9/1/16. I was on crutches for ten days before my first visit to Haymarket PT. Today’s date is 11/4/16 and I am fully recovered and have been released to go back to my normal activities. I am a first degree black belt at dynamic kick in Gainesville so my martial arts included kicking, balancing, sparring, turning and many other muscle building activities. When I sprained my ankle I could not even walk, much less practice the sport I love. Because of Dr. Robbie and his fantastic staff I am now able to continue my training. Thank you Dr. Robbie and all the staff at Haymarket PT!

Molly P

After suffering a hip and pelvis fracture, I needed physical therapy to improve my mobility. Needless to say, my first session had produced a great deal of anxiety, but once I was here I was put to ease immediately. The staff made me feel comfortable and put me at ease. After the first couple of sessions, my mobility and my confidence in my mobility increased. I am now looking forward to returning to work. The activities have greatly increased my mobility and has given me a renewed confidence in my walking. I am extremely grateful to Haymarket Physical Therapy

Susan S

When I arrived my neck was very stiff and sore. I was experiencing tingling down my left shoulder and arm. The program the therapists gave me was very effective. Everyone was super nice and caring. I would recommend HPT to others who may need help. Thank you all for your help and commitment. I’m feeling better.

Jeanine F

This is my first experience with physical therapy. I work for an insurance company, and have dealt with doctors and other physical therapists, but never as a patient. I hurt my back dead lifting more weight than my body could handle, and was in a world of hurt. I was recommended to Cat at HPT. My first session was eye opening. I was very pleased throughout the whole process. By my 3rd visit, I began to notice dramatic results. The exercises and stretches I was taught proved to be very helpful. I hope to not deal with injury again, but if I do, I will come back to Haymarket PT in a heartbeat.

Brandon B

When I started physical therapy 5 years ago. I never thought I’d still be here today. 3 surgeries later and I am finally done. Huge thankyou to the staff here, and a special shout out to the ladies upfront for always being so amazing. I do, and always will, recommend HPT to friends and family. Great practice, great people, can’t wait to visit

Arielle L

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