By Dr. Robert Woelkers, PT, DPT, CSCS

Have you had lower back pain in the last 30 days? Did you have an x-ray and/or MRIs that showed herniated disc, stenosis, or arthritis? Were you told, “Without surgery, you might not be able to walk again?” Today, I’m sharing with you the five characteristics of back pain and sciatica sufferers who heal naturally, while avoiding pain medications, injections and even surgery.

They Don’t Like Pain Medication


Small problems can be debilitating on long journeys.

Pain Medications don’t correct the root of the problem. They simply change how we sense it. If you have a rock in your shoe, which can cause pain, inflammation or even an infection, you could take pain medication. However, you still have a rock in your shoe.

They Understand that MRIs and X-Rays Aren’t Perfect

MRIs and X-rays are used to see what is causing pain, numbness and/or tingling. However, recent studies have suggested that of a sample of healthy 50 year olds that reported no back pain, 80% had disc degeneration, and 60% had bulging discs. These tests are amazing and provide the best information possible, but they don’t always solve your problem.

They Find The Best Professionals To Help Them

There are specialists who can help you with your problem and possibly help you avoid surgery. Although, there are cases that require surgery, and no amount of other services will do. There are physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and osteopathic doctors who can assist in many cases. Manual therapy and Grade V mobilizations may help with your problem. Seeing experts specializing in non-surgical care like physical therapy can help you determine if the problem can be solved without surgery.

They Take Care of Their Body


A small leak if left alone can result in a flooded basement.

Work, housework, business, yard work, family activities and even television can make us busy. It is up to you to prioritize our health. To help solve back problems, it is important to focus on four things.

  • Get Plenty of rest (at least 7 1/2 hours a day)
  • Minimize Daily Stresses
  • Eat Health and Stay Hydrated
  • Get Regular Exercise (at least 30 minutes a day)

*** Of course you should check with your doctor before engaging in exercise just to be sure.

They Don’t Wait

It is like the leaky roof analogy when talking about lower back pain, and one day you come home and see a leak in the ceiling and you have two options, get it fixed or let it go. After weeks, or even months, of letting it go that leak becomes a flooded basement, and you are faced with even bigger problems. Addressing lower back problems early is very important.

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