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How Physical Therapy Can Help ACL Tears Heal Faster and Better

ACL tears are one of the most common injuries incurred by athletes and people who engage in physical activities. Injuring your knee and tearing your ACL can impair your ability to stand, walk, and fulfill your daily routines or favorite activities.

Physical therapy treatments can effectively relieve the symptoms of ACL tears or help you on the way to recovery after surgery.

The ACL, or Anterior Cruciate Ligament, is an essential ligament of tissues that stabilize the knee byAthlete kicking a soccer ball connecting the shin bone to the thigh bone. Many causes can facilitate tears in the ACL ligament. You can encounter the injury from twisting your leg in an awkward manner while your foot is firmly planted on the ground, from running fast and then suddenly and abruptly stopping, or from absorbing a hard blow on the leg, making it a common injury among athletes. The populations most at risk are young female athletes—who sustain ACL injuries nearly 10 times more often than males—and young athletes who specialize in a single sport at an early age.

When the ACL is torn, the most common report by those who are injured is that they felt or heard a “pop.”  There is usually immediate pain and swelling in the knee and further participation in the activity is not possible. If this happens to you, seek medical attention. A physical therapist has several tests they are able to complete to determine if you have a tear and determine whether or not you need surgery. The therapy experts can utilize many tests to assess the degree of the injury. The tests often enable the therapist to gently pull, bend, and maneuver your knee to assess the response of your leg. The experts then consider the results of the tests to determine if you need surgery. Many ACL patients can recover with physical therapy treatments and do not require surgery. However, some patients might require surgery if the symptoms are severe or if the injury keeps recurring Even if surgery is required, having physical therapy beforehand can help improve your outcome. Prior to surgery, your PT can work with you to help reduce swelling, strengthen your thigh and hip muscles and increase the range of motion. For an optimal and smooth recovery, the knee should fully extend before surgery.

Many physical therapy treatments can help alleviate the symptoms of ACL tears. The experts at Haymarket Physical Therapy can implement a wide variety of ACL exercise treatments to help strengthen and rebuild the leg muscles so your knee can support the joints in your leg and the weight of your body. Balancing exercises can also help you maintain stability while standing, walking, and running. Flexibility exercises are very beneficial for ACL tears. The flexibility exercises can help expand your range of motion, increase the mobility of your knee, and restore the proper functioning of your leg.

Whether you are looking to heal a partial tear, prepare or recover from surgery, the caring and proficient staff at Haymarket Physical Therapy is here to help. Contact us for more information about the wide range of treatments we offer or give us a call today!

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