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Haymarket Physical Therapy set up shop in Haymarket in 2008, and soon after expanded to the Bristow/Manassas area. Just last year we opened our third location serving the Bealeton/Warrenton area, and already we love it! Here are just a few of the great things about serving Warrenton.

The people

The patients we meet at our Bealeton location are friendly and have a great sense of humor, and it always brightens up our day to work with them. Our patient base is also remarkably diverse: Fauquier is one of the most dynamic, fastest-growing counties in America and Warrenton, the nearby county seat, is a 21st-century town if ever there was one. A diverse and friendly range of patients means there always much to talk about during sessions, including anything from family traditions to movies and video games.

The accessibility

Living in more exurban areas, some people have to travel inconvenient distances for many things, including high-quality care. For the people in Bealeton and southern Fauquier County, we are happy to offer quality physical therapy services closer and more conveniently.

But it’s also accessible in another way. While living and working in the beautiful Virginia countryside where our patients can easily reach us, we’re still only an hour or so (traffic permitting) from Dulles Airport and the rest of the world.

The history

Chief Justice John Marshall was born in Germantown, just north of Bealeton, and went on to become the longest-serving Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He was also one of most influential justices ever to sit on the Court, and his 1803 Marbury vs. Madison decision set a new outline of judicial authority which the Supreme Court still follows today. His birthplace is now a public park just outside of Bealeton. In Virginia, history is everywhere.

The business environment

Nearby Warrenton is a great place for business, and not just ours – everyone’s business! Warrenton has about 21 business per 100 people, which is 4th highest in Virginia. The town of Warrenton and Fauquier County are so dedicated to helping small businesses that they offer training and counseling services to those starting out, and even provide a facility of co-working spaces for those that need it.

The food and drink scene

The diversity and dynamism of the surrounding area are reflected in the dining scene in Warrenton, which boasts a wide variety of ethnic and traditional American restaurants, as well as five local wineries and two microbreweries.

The local events

This part of Fauquier County has events galore for residents and visitors alike, especially in the spring and summer. We just had the Old Town Warrenton Spring Festival recently, and the BBQ celebration at the Fauquier County fairground. This coming month we will have the annual Father’s Day Car Show, and every May there is the Virginia Gold Cup.

The natural attractions

Warrenton may be growing, but that doesn’t mean the beauty of nature has been swallowed up. Whether it’s C.M. Crockett Park on the shore of Lake Germantown or one of the many walking trails, Fauquier has plenty for you to enjoy outdoors.

And hey, if you wish you could get out and see more of what Fauquier County has to offer but worry you’re not mobile enough or it wouldn’t be safe, we can help with that! Physical therapy can improve limited mobility and help you avoid injury, allowing you to enjoy a more active life. Call our Bealeton location at (540) 905-7111to set up a screening and talk about what we can help you with.

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