About us

Haymarket Physical Therapy, LLC.

Haymarket Physical Therapy was started by Dr. Holly Moriarty, DC in 2008.

She prided herself with making HPT a family oriented facility with an emphasis on patient care, customer service,  and evidenced-based practice. From 2012 to present Haymarket Physical Therapy has been voted Best Physical Therapy in the Haymarket/Gainesville Region four years in a row.

Winners are voted on by local citizens through the Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine.

In 2015 Kevin Rabago, PTA became the new owner of Haymarket Physical Therapy. Since, then Haymarket PT has went on to Win Best Physical Therapy in Prince William Country Two Years in a row!

The Team at HPT look forward to providing great Healthcare to the Residents of Northern Virginia for years to come. 


Why choose Haymarket Physical Therapy?

Maybe you haven’t started the process of doing something about your injury because you dread the process. For most patients, this is how it goes:

The “Normal” approach:

  • You get injured. (Day 1)
  • You call your primary care doctor and probably wait 1-2 weeks, if not more, for an appointment. (Day 7-14)
  • Your primary care doc refers you to an orthopedic specialist,  surgeon and/or for imaging. You call the orthopedist’s office and get an appointment in 2-4 weeks, if you’re lucky. (Day 28 – Day 42)
  • The orthopedist sends you to their own PT clinic, which takes another 1-2 weeks to get an appointment. (Day 49-56)
  • Start Physical Therapy (Day 56)

We’ll do the math for you…It’s about 2 months before you  start treatment from the day you were injured. In the mean time muscle atrophy, loss of motion and scar tissue has already started to settle in prolonging your recovery even further.

Research shows that for every day of inactivity due to injury or sedentary lifestyle  it takes 3-4x longer to return to baseline.

The “Haymarket Therapy” Approach:

  • You get injured.  (Day 1)
  • You call Haymarket Physical Therapy that same day (24 Hours)
  • Treatment starts within 24 hours using the Haymarket PT Four Phases of Recovery approach (24 hours after phone call was made).

We guarantee that we’ll start correcting your problem within 24 hours of calling our office. Pick up the phone and make your appointment.  

If we are not in the office, we promise to call you by 7 pm  the next business day to answer your questions. What are you waiting for?

Mission Statement

As health care providers we strive to provide a service that is not only beneficial to our patients, but stands out from the rest. Many times physical therapy is viewed as a commodity where people can go to any clinic and receive the same treatment. We take that personal as we are not your run-of-the-mill clinic.

Who can Benefit?

Physical therapy is a health care service, where a licensed physical therapist will evaluate,  diagnose,  and treat individuals of all ages who have medical problems or other health-related conditions.

These conditions can limit  their abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives.

Treatment may include therapeutic exercise, stretching, strengthening, hands-on treatment, gait training, functional training, moist-heat, ice, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation.

Conditions we Treat?

  • ACL Injuries
  • Amputations (Above and Below knee)
  • Arthritis
  • Back and Neck Injuries/Conditions
  • Balance Disorders
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Concussions
  • Disc Herniations
  • Edema
  • Fall prevention
  • Headaches
  • Heel Spurs
  • Joint Injuries/Conditions
  • Pre and/or Post Surgical Rehab
  • Rotator Cuff Strains/Tears
  • Sciatica
  • SI Joint Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Sprains, Strains, and Fractures
  • Stenosis
  • Total/Partial Joint Replacements
  • Vertigo
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