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Personal Training Program

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What is the Personal Training Program?

Our Personal Training Program is a personalized plan that will help you reach your health and fitness goals through one-on-one sessions with our Wellness Coordinator.   The Personal Training Program doesn’t end there;  we will help you succeed by giving you a home program to follow, and by monitoring and guiding your nutrition. Our Wellness Coordinator will make himself available to you via e-mail so you can reach out to him at any time with any questions you may have.

Cameron Lewis

About Our Wellness Coordinator

Cameron Lewis is a personal trainer with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Liberty University. He has been working in the health and fitness industry since graduating in 2012 and has worked in both clinical and gym settings, giving him the knowledge and experience to handle any fitness level. As Wellness Coordinator, Cameron strives to help each of his clients meet their goals.

We created our Personal Training Program to help change lives through health and fitness in the comfort of a clinical setting. Cameron’s extensive background allows him to work with everyone from beginners to professional and collegiate athletes and everyone in between, with varying fitness levels and goals.

What is the wellness screen?

Our wellness screen is an opportunity for you to meet with our Wellness Coordinator, Cameron, one-on-one to discuss your health and fitness goals, review your current nutritional and exercise habits, and develop a plan to help you meet your personal goals. Then we will measure and weigh you, if desired, as a way to keep you accountable and to measure your progress throughout your Personal Training Program.  Cameron will then take you out on the floor to give you a personal training session where he will evaluate your fitness and functional movement. Once that is all complete he will give you some resources to help meet your goals or you can continue by means of personal training sessions in our Personal Training Program.

Personal Training

The personal training program includes one on one personal training sessions along with nutritional counseling and a full exercise program!


30 minute One-on-One

– 6 sessions: $360 ($60/Session)

– 10 Sessions: $500 ($50/Session)

– 20 Sessions: $900 ($45/Session)

– 30 Sessions: $1260 ($42/Session)

What’s Offered

  • The Personal Training Program is great as a Transition Program for

-Those who have recovered from their injury through Physical Therapy, but are not yet ready to return to the gym/sports.   

-People whose insurance benefits have run out for physical therapy, but are interested in continuing their post-rehabilitation.

-Those who have completed their physical therapy program and are looking to maintain their current level of health and wellness.

-Individuals whose co-pay is no longer affordable or have experienced a loss of insurance benefits.

  • Weight Loss Support

-Nutritional Guidance

-Weight Training

-Personalized Exercise Program


  • Personal Training for Older Individuals

-Seated strengthening sessions

-Functional sessions “Bone Builders”

-Strength and conditioning

  • Mobility Training

-Functional Training Sessions

-Stretching Sessions


  • Performance Training

-Athletic Performance Training includes Sport Specific Injury Prevention and Athletic Performance Programming

HPT Personal Training Program Testimonies

I have been coming to Haymarket Physical Therapy because of different sports related injuries for about 4 years. I have had two long-term knee injuries and have had to transition from physical therapy back into competitive sports at the collegiate level. The personal training program helped me do that. I had been out for a year from surgery and was trying to get back in great shape before my college soccer career debut. I was able to get stronger by lifting more weights and I was able to pass my fitness test because of the training that I did in the personal training program. I left here feeling great about how fit I was and I am very thankful for the time and effort that was invested in me. They do a great job of transitioning anyone from the physical therapy side of things to moving back to feeling back like your normal self by working out. I highly recommend this to anyone!

– Lauren Ciccone –

The Personal Training Program at Haymarket Physical Therapy is making a significant difference in my overall health and well being. I’m a retired School Administrator who, truthfully, never envisioned working with a personal trainer. However, after my “graduation” from physical therapy for a significant injury, I realized that I had only begun the work necessary to strengthen my aging self! The Personal Training Program became the ideal solution for me.  Cameron has designed a workout plan specifically for my needs that takes into account my age and ailments. I’m amazed at the strength and physical health I’m gaining as I participate in this excellent program.

Sarah Skerker –

Dr. Robert Woelkers and the Haymarket Physical Therapy Team,

I have had the wonderful experience of receiving physical therapy from Haymarket Physical Therapy over the past two years on two different occasions where I successfully completed full flexibility and range of motion of my injuries. Cameron Lewis suggested that I continue with the Personal Training Program to facilitate and maintain the continued flexibility and full range of motion of my arm/s shoulder and overall physical health. Following six sessions of the Personal Training Program, I can confidently say that                                    

Cameron has provided me with a great physical routine program that has allowed me to be  committed to my overall health and well being. Good health is a “Life Skill” to be learned, maintained and consistent over time…a ” life-time” as I grow older. Not to be taken for granted. That, I am extremely grateful to the wonderful team at Haymarket Physical Therapy. Thank You !

Sharron Land –

The Wellness program has benefited me greatly.  Overall, I feel much healthier both mentally and physically.  I’m much stronger, have more flexibility, and am pounds lighter.  I was mentally in a general funk after recovering from back surgery and regaining some strength and mobility through Physical Therapy.

I started personal training with Cameron several months ago, twice a week for 30 minutes.  Having practiced Yoga for several years prior to my back surgery, I knew my flexibility and strength significantly degraded … I just didn’t realize how much.  Over the past several months, my strength and flexibility have greatly increased thanks to Cameron’s oversight and patience.

The Wellness program is a great follow-up to Physical Therapy.  They had insight into my current physical condition and limitations and customized a personal training program to fit my needs.  The Haymarket Physical Therapy staff is always friendly and encouraging.

Serry Quarterman –

The personal training program at Haymarket Physical Therapy helped me tremendously. It was the most effective I’ve ever done to achieve my fitness goals.

Cam showed me how to lift properly and appropriately without re-injuring my back. I was doing it all wrong.

Cam also showed me how to be efficient at the gym which helps with my business schedule. I would recommend Haymarket Physical Therapies Personal Training Program to anyone!

Damian Price –

I had been in physical therapy on and off for a couple of years. I had gotten so used to going that when I stopped, I stopped all forms of exercise. It was like switching the light switch to off. I made half hearted attempts to stay in the grove, but to no avail. Before I left PT, I saw Cam working with another client and began thinking about doing it. Let me be real honest, on the one hand I didn’t want to do it and it wasn’t about the cost, it was about the work I would have to put in.

When I finished PT and discovered that without someone motivating me, I didn’t keep up with what I had learned in PT and my increased mobility was starting to decrease. I finally spoke with Cam. We worked out what I needed to do and how to do it. The best part is that the program started at my level and I have started to get my momentum back and improve a little each week.

Teri W. –

In using the Wellness program I have advanced to a new level of fitness. The training has helped me most in concurred Hills when running. I feel stronger and healthier. Planning to continue my journey with the Wellness program. Cameron is a great trainer to work with and knows my limits and helps me achieve my goals , he was always took time to make sure his schedule fit my schedule.

Maggie –

When rehabilitation for my shoulder was complete, I felt like I needed to ease my way back into working out.  The Personal Training Program at Haymarket Physical Therapy was perfect for bridging the gap!  Not only did Cameron help me with my shoulder but he gave me a written work out plan.  It was exactly what I needed!  After just a few sessions, I was doing more push-ups than ever before!  I felt stronger inside and out and I have Cameron and Haymarket PT to thank!

Katy Fisher –

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