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If you’ve recently been prescribed physical therapy, please take time to check out the programs of physical therapy Brandy Station. We offer several convenient locations and customized physical therapy services to suit your therapy needs.

Our Brandy Station VA PT Services

Our skilled, personable physical therapists offer such services as:

Injury Screening

We’ll take a detailed look at your injury or area of concern. Once your condition has been thoroughly evaluated, our staff devises a program of exercises, massage, and other therapies to assist you in healing. You can also regain strength in the affected area.

Our office uses the McKenzie method of biopsychosocial muscle and skeletal care. This method highlights the patient’s power and ability to self-treat and assists in healing themselves. It works well to treat acute and chronic issues of the extremities and spine, and remains concerned about what the patient needs.

The method is proven through several years of clinical practice, research, and evidence. Active therapies used to treat rehab issues show results in only a few office visits, making them both time and cost-efficient. The McKenzie Method allows our patients to improve their pain levels or prevent pain and injury from occurring.

Kinesio Taping

The Kinesio Taping® rehabilitation technique used at Brandy Station physical therapists utilizes taping to facilitate the natural healing processes of your body. In addition, the skilled use of taping provides support to joints and muscles without restricting bodily movement and range of motion. Kinesio taping also manipulates your soft tissue to increase and prolong the benefits of clinical manual therapy.

Our specialists use latex-free tape that is safe for use for individuals of any age and is safe on all types of skin. So, using the Kinesio Taping Method provides both support and rehabilitation for people with many differing needs. It also alleviates pain and decreases swelling and inflammation in the location. Taping an area can also provide injury prevention in some cases.

Pre-operative and post-op care

Our physical therapists work with your attending physician to strengthen your body before you have surgery. PT also helps you recover and improve your physical health after restorative surgery. You might complete your operation-related PT in only a few sessions, or you can take more time with your recovery if necessary.

Running analysis, or gait analysis.

Running analysis studies body movements and the way muscles move. Gait or running analysis gets used to avoid injuries, to identify movement abnormalities, and to improve movements to prevent injuries. The study is done on a treadmill while an expert observes your movements. If you like to run, walk, or do a sport that requires running and jumping, such as basketball, you may need a gait analysis.

Spinal Rehabilitation

Rehab becomes needed for the spine to treat spinal damage and pain. If you’ve recently had spinal surgery, your physician might also recommend spinal exercises and rehab to strengthen the area around your spine. Our physical therapists choose gentle stretches and exercise that gradually build your flexibility, function, and strength.

Joint Rehab

We work with you on the joints that hurt you the most to build strength and flexibility as well as improve movement. Joint rehab works well to prevent surgery on a joint, such as knee surgery, or to strengthen the muscles around a joint after surgery has occurred.

Sports Medicine

Using the services of the physical therapist brandy station, we can help you improve your game in the sports world. Having strong muscles and learning to use them right also prevents injuries as you play.

Contact our physical therapy office today for more information. Or schedule a consultation with us.

You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to see us and consult with our physical therapists. Our staff strives to assist you in staying physically active and healthy, to keep you active, and to limit the amount of pain you experience during your life. Our concerned and caring staff looks forward to meeting you, making an initial assessment, and getting you on the road to moving and feeling better.

We have offices available in Bristow, Gainsville and Bealton, VA. Call us today for excellent physical therapy care at (571) 281-4293 or complete the form below for appointment.

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