Dr. Catalina Lemcke, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist and Director of Rehabilitation- Gainesville
Favorite Quote: “In every encounter we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange.” -Brennan Manning

Dr. Catalina Lemcke, PT, DPT, grew up always wanting to help others and through Physical Therapy found the perfect way to do just that.  She is passionate about helping patients unleash their full potential for pain-free movement and activity and works with them to assess their condition and to develop a plan of care to meet their needs.

Dr. Lemcke graduated with a Bachelors of Physical Therapy in Bolivia, South America in 1995. She started her first job working in the acute and critical care units of the hospital helping children with respiratory illnesses. Dr. Lemcke also had the privilege to work/volunteer with children at a small low-income oncology hospital,  on a pro bono basis.  A few years later Dr. Lemcke was getting ready to come to the United States and reunite with her husband. After some time in the US, she decided to begin practicing Physical Therapy again with the love and support from her family. Dr. Lemcke graduated with a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy in 2010 from Marymount University. Since earning her doctorate in physical therapy, she has worked in home health with senior citizens that are temporarily or permanently homebound.  In addition, she has worked in subacute inpatient care for more than five years with patients of all ages that have complex health conditions.

In her work at Haymarket Physical Therapy, she is known for her caring, compassionate nature. Her favorite thing about her job is the people she works with and her patients who make every day enjoyable and worthwhile.

When not working, you can find her trying new restaurants,  kayaking in the Occoquan Reservoir, and spending time with her family,  cats, and dogs.

Dr. Lemcke is Fluent in Both Spanish and English. Please inform the front office if you or your family member would like to work with Dr. Lemcke.

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