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“I came today with no want to be here. I am sitting here in love again because I am leaving a better person.

I would have NEVER thought something on Facebook could lead me to such a wonderful change. I started by coming to a workshop on a Saturday that cost me nothing but my time and taught me in a way I understood about the way some of the back is supposed to work.

The positive way the people here treat each individual shows and keeps me coming back with the knowledge that I will feel better mentally and hopeful for continued progress.”

Laura D.
Haymarket Physical Therapy Graduate


“After 22 years of suffering with a very painful shoulder, and fourteen rounds of physical therapy, with different therapists at at least a half dozen different practices, I finally found a physical therapist who was able to diagnose the reason that the prior therapies have been ineffective, and address the root cause successfully.

Prior therapies had addressed rotator cuff strength issues, but didn’t succeed because problems with my scapula and posture have not been identified and treated.

Thank you for applying your skill and knowledge to resolve a difficult case. And thanks to your team, for their cheerfulness, help and support.”

Roberta C.
Haymarket Physical Therapy Graduate


“I had chronic neck and shoulder pain for 15 years. I saw the doctor for the pain and, within 30 days, he had me Pain-Free and back to full range of motion.

Not only does the doctor provide exceptional and personalized care, but his office staff, assistant physical therapists, and other physical therapists and partner, are all extremely competent, friendly and knowledgeable.

Every visit to Haymarket Physical Therapy is like visiting family that you actually like to visit.”

Molly P.
Haymarket Physical Therapy Graduate

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